Regional College of Polytechnic

At    RCP, we believe access to education is a fundamental human right. Regardless of your location or ability to pay, RCP provides students around the globe the opportunity to better their lives through quality education. The power of knowledge should not be restricted; it belongs to everyone, everywhere.

Education with difference....

Regional College of Polytechnic has now become one of the most renowned education institutes in Uttar Pradesh and attract students not only from the neighboring states but also from all over India.The College has highly qualified faculty members and research experience which forms the strong backbone for professional institute & provides the perfect environment to study with besides the teaching techniques, It is ensured that there is sufficient opportunity for the students and staff members to interact.

Legal Action against Delay in getting Diploma Certificates(AUS-CIDC)


Diploma Engineering

The Diploma in Engineering is a technical course below the undergraduate rank which aims to provide students with some basic knowledge of engineering....

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UG Engineering(B.Tech)

The Bachelor of Technology (commonly abbreviated as B.Tech) is an undergraduate academic degree conferred after completion of four-year program of studies....

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Vocational education prepares trainees for jobs that are based on manual or practical activities, traditionally non-academic and totally related to a specific trade, occupation, or vocation....

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